After much deliberation and study, I found that writing SEO is work, albeit, not as hard as we all think it is. Yes, you have to apply yourself and give it time.

Here is a blog for easy SEO content.

I have developed a template studying Sean Ogle’s course. By the way, he has a knack for making complicated things sound easy and doable. Keep it up, Sean!

A good SEO piece would have approximately 500 words

Let’s break it down into smaller chunks.
(This is assuming we have identified a keyword we want to write around)

We need a title


3 Benefits of the Keyword
50-100 words introducing the topic
1st Benefit — between 100-150 words2nd Benefit — between 100-150 words
3rd Benefit — between 100-150 words
Conclusion — 50-100 words

Let’s analyze this

The title is simple and gives us the stepping stone to start writing the blog. All we need to do is write about three benefits about the keyword. E.g., our keyword is something like “preventive seasonal maintenance of your car,” although this is a very long keyword, I think it should work for our purposes here.
The title is: “3 Simple Steps of Preventive Seasonal Maintenance for Your Car.”

Next, we want to write an introduction of between 50-100 words about the importance of preventive maintenance.

We can say something like this


Your vehicle, which is an investment that you have made, and you want to make sure that it gives you excellent service for years to come. You also want to make sure that when you and your loved ones are in the car, there will not be any trouble. That is especially the case during the winter months or when you are traveling long distance. The simple way to achieve all this is by the preventive seasonal maintenance of your car.
Let us now examine three ways that you can ensure your vehicle will serve you well for years to come. (Introduction approximately 100 words)

(Benefit one)

The first thing you will do is to take your car for regular oil checkups. Oil is the blood of the engine. It keeps it running smoothly, reducing the heat and friction among all the moving parts. As the engine runs, the oil becomes darker in color and will eventually turn black. That is a sign when the vehicle is begging you to give it an “oil change.”

If you prefer, and you are the handy type, you can perform the oil change at home in your garage. Many folks are like car “doctors” and will diagnose an issue just by listening to the engine. But, if you are like me, I have no idea what the sound of the engine is telling me. I have to take the car to a workshop or service station for regular oil changes. (approximately 140 words)

(Benefit 2)

The next step in taking good care of your vehicle is to check the tires. The tires bear all the weight of the car. They keep on rotating and moving the car forward, and when necessary even backward. Keeping safety in mind, and making sure that your vehicle will run smoothly, check the treads on the tires regularly.

The more the tire comes in contact with the road, the more the “treads” get worn out. When you notice that the tires are becoming bald, its time to replace them. Again, you can go ahead, buy the tires and replace them yourself. But I will take my car to my neighborhood car dealer or tire center, get the tires checked and if necessary, replace some or all. As they say, “A lot is riding on the tires.” (approximately136 words)

(Benefit 3)

Something we all seem to overlook in preventive maintenance of a vehicle is getting it cleaned on a regular basis. We can see the dust and grime which accumulates on the glass and body of the car; we cannot see the dirt that has stuck to the bottom. Just like taking a bath is refreshing, giving a “bath” to your car is an integral part of preventive maintenance. For example, if you live in harsh climates with severe winters, then the “salt” used in melting the snow will start “eating” up the body of the car too. Getting the car washed will make sure that the grime and salt are cleaned and prevent the body from rusting. (approximately 115 words)

(Finally, the conclusion)

When we buy a car, especially a new one, we want to ride comfortably in it for years. Whatever the season, whatever the weatherman throws at us, we want a safe and comfortable ride wherever we go. To ensure that we want to figure out easy ways to do preventive maintenance of our vehicles. What we have discussed are three simple ways to go about it. (approximately 66 words)

There we have it!

A simple 500-word piece on preventive maintenance of your vehicle.

See how easy it is to write!

Why don’t you try it out?

Good Luck!

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