What is cloud storage? Cloud storage is a computing model in which your data and files are stored on remote servers, also known as “cloud.” You access the data through the internet.

The service provider is the company who stores your data. The data is stored on multiple servers, often in several locations. The service provider typically owns and operates the service.

Why do you need cloud storage?

As a small business, cloud storage will work well for you, because you have to pay only for the storage you use. It is a scalable model where you can increase the storage as your needs grow.

Cloud storage may not be less expensive, but you have to pay only for operating expenses rather than capital cost.

There is a definite energy saving when using cloud storage. Your business can save up to 70% taking you toward a more green company.

Since cloud computing is mostly off-premises, the question of disaster recovery is resolved to a certain extent. While selecting the service provider, it is a good idea to ask how they back up their servers.

The service provider will deal issues like maintaining the storage facility, purchasing additional storage capacity. All the business needs to do is buy as much storage as needed from the cloud company.

The cloud storage companies usually provide their customers with several applications and resources.

Advantages of Cloud Storage

A significant advantage that cloud storage provides is a natural disaster proof backup. The servers are usually spread across the globe.

The server can be mapped as a local drive. For all practical purposes, it appears that you are working and saving on your local machine.

Cloud computing can also be used as an online backup. If you prefer to store data on your local servers, you can set a schedule when the local server will connect to the cloud service and back up your data.

This system will have the advantage of accessing your data even if the internet is slow or down, along with keeping a copy of it.

The online backup systems are created around the client software which runs on a schedule. Some will back up once a day, usually at night. The newer services run in real time, continuously storing the data.

Backup services usually collect, compress, encrypt, and transfer the data to the remote backup service provider.


All in all, having cloud storage will give the peace of mind that your data is safe. It is stored in multiple places, and you will be able to access it from various devices. Many providers have smartphone apps where you can access the data too.


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