Furniture comes in all shapes, sizes, forms, and is made of several kinds of materials. Natural as well as artificial. The primary types of furniture are a bed, chair, couch, table, etc. Each has a variety of its own. The permutations and combinations are probably infinite.

When we think of furniture, we think of wood. It has been used for furniture for hundreds, probably thousands of years. Furniture can be made of any solid material. Bricks and mortar included.

Have you ever thought that furniture could be made of paper? I mean real furniture, not something that goes in doll houses.

Modern technology has made it possible to make furniture out of cardboard. Yes, you heard right. Cardboard.

This furniture is durable, flexible, and comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. It has several advantages beyond being “eco-friendly.”

Let us look at this concept in a little more detail.

1 Cost-effectiveness

If you have moved or renovated your living space, you know how expensive it can get. When you use cardboard instead of the conventional wooden, glass, metal or other materials you will considerably reduce the amount of money you spend. Most of the cardboard furniture is made from recyclable material, again lowering the cost.

2. Lightweight

Being lightweight is another overlooked advantage. If you feel like moving your furniture in the middle of the night, you can do it yourself. No need to call your muscular friends or get professional help!

3. Ease of packing

This furniture comes in flat boxes. When it arrives, there is no need get a team of friends to haul it up. A couple of people with suffice, as long as they can carry moderate stuff up the stairs.

4. Simplicity of installing

You do not have to worry about your toolbox or any tools for that matter. At the most, you may need some glue at times. Again, if your wooden furniture is damaged, you may need professional help, or have to send it to be repaired. With easily assembled cardboard, the repair and replace is a cinch.

5. Safety around children

There are no hard surfaces that you have to worry about with children in the house. You can even let your artistic child loose on the furniture without any fear of damage to the furniture or compromising the safety of your child.

6. Ease of movement

If you move regularly and often,  or just like to “change” your furniture settings now and then, all you have to do is disassemble what you don’t want. It becomes flat again. Store or ship. Your call.

7. Ease of storage

This step comes as a follow up from the earlier point. If you feel like having more than one bed, for example, you can store one and use the other one. Flat storage is the critical factor.

8. Safe for the Environment

When your traditional furniture gets damaged, worn out, or you want to change it, it goes into a landfill. Not with cardboard furniture. It can be 100% recycled and comes back into mainstream use.

Let’s enumerate some uses:

9. Excellent for college going kids

Your time has come to set up your kids’ college room. You don’t have to worry about spending a pretty penny. Cardboard furniture will not only serve the purpose, but your kids will be the talk of the campus.

10. For the kid’s room

Your children have an artistic flair; they like to invent and modify things. Don’t fret. This furniture will give them the opportunity to grow their creative skills. Perhaps they will create a new design which will make them famous?

11. Can be used for camping

Like to live in the wild with all the amenities of home? Carrying a few flat boxed items which convert into luxury settings in your tent will have folks coming and admiring your lifestyle.

12. Low budget furnishing

If you are working on a tight budget but still want to look stylish and modern, cardboard furniture will come to the rescue.

13. Modern looking

There are several design options available today, and the styles are growing to meet the varied demand. At first glance, the furniture does not appear to be made of cardboard at all. You have the opportunity to decorate the items with paint or any other way. Your imagination is your only limit!

14. Pet furniture

You can have cardboard furniture for your pets too. They will love it, and you will not have to dig deep into your pocket if something does get damaged.

Here is an excellent website selling modern and stylish cardboard furniture.


Go ahead, live your dream and try something new. You will become the talk of the town. Perhaps your house will become a museum. The sky is the limit!

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