I will write headlines to get my readers’ attention. They will be intrigued to read ahead. The first sentence. At that point, they will be caught into reading the second one. They will be hooked. 

By the time they finish the first paragraph, they will be panting with their tongues out, wanting to know what I am saying. 

The first step to becoming a worthwhile copywriter is the develop the correct mindset. You have to observe every little detail around you with a pilot’s eye. 

When you see something, think of the words you will use to describe it to someone who has no idea what it is. You will create a desire in your audience to know more. And more. They will be enticed to the extent that their hand will effortlessly go into their pockets to pull out their credit card or cash. 

The next step is to devour all “classical” copy that you can lay your hands or eyes on. As they say, good writers are good readers. No exceptions. 

Now, read and reread the classics until you feel that you have memorized them. Observe the vocabulary, the turn of phrase, the choice of words, Develop a taste for the language. Your mouth will water every time you come across a great piece of writing. 

The next step might sound a bit difficult. Don’t let challenges deter you on your path to success. Let each obstacle make you more determined to reach the goal. 

Here is the hard part. Hand copy as many best examples of copy you can. Make it a daily habit. Keep it up even after you have become famous and sought after copywriter. 

The moment you put a pencil on paper and write the words, the connection to them becomes more in-depth to the extent that you become one with them. Each word will resonate with its unique meaning. 

I know what you are thinking. I am lazy. So much work trust me. It will pay off. 

Now, we come to the fun part. What is the best way to become an expert in any field? Do it, you say. Yes, copywriting is no different. Write, and you shall become a writer. Write more, and you shall become a better writer. I could not convey it more straightforwardly. 

Hands down – write. 

I will let you in on a little copywriting secret. All the greats keep a swipe file. What? It is a collection of curated copy, culled from all corners, that you keep handy for reference and inspiration, getting warmed up, finding a copy to write by hand, so on and so forth. It could be a physical file, an electronic file, or whatever other forms you want to use.

I found an excellent open-source swipe file on the internet: www.swipefile.com

Finally. You have arrived. You feel you are ready to face the world. Show them how well you string words together to persuade your readers to take action. 

What next? You are forgetting the most critical part of becoming the best of the best. Marketing. Unless you put yourself out there, no one will know your skills. 

Set up shop! Let the world know that one of the best copywriters has arrived and waiting to create a masterpiece. Waiting to help you sell your products and services!

You have come to the right place at the right time. Fill out the form below to get in touch with me for your copywriting needs. There is no need to look any further. Send me a message, and we will be on our way to writing the best copy for you. 

You are welcome!

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