According to the data from the National Association of Realtors, 5.34 million existing homes and 682,000 newly constructed homes were sold in 2019. Let’s step back and think of how your listing will stand out without being lost among the millions of competitors. 

You are ready to list a house to sell, look at the statistics, and wonder; how to make this house stand out? First and foremost, you must accept that getting your listing noticed will not be an easy task, but take heed; it can be done. 

These 5 simple hacks, if applied, will increase the probability of your listing to shine and be noticed by your potential buyers. 

The hacks are not listed in any particular order. The best practice is to apply them all.


Put the mobile camera away if you want to get the house noticed. Get a professional camera, or, if possible, hire a specialized photographer to create a striking replica of three dimensions in two. If you want to DIY, take a class, and get the required skill. It can be done. 

Additionally, create a professional and exciting video walkthrough of the property—something to give the prospective buyer a “feel” of the home.

Pictures boasting the prominent backyard, the humongous pool, and the modern kitchen, will surely delight the imagination of prospective customers. They should be able to see themselves cooking in the gourmet kitchen and swimming in the huge pool. 


Google is your friend if you work with what they want. SEO (search engine optimization) is the key. Do thorough keyword research to choose the most optimum ones to get your listing on the top, when a buyer types a pertinent query in the search box. Take the time to narrowly define your listing so that the buyer you are looking for will find it in the search results.

Use long-tail keyword phrases, ideally including location terms like the city, state, neighborhood, or location of the house. E.g., “modern house with open floor plan in burr ridge il”

The best way to do this is to put yourself in the buyers’ shoes and think of how they will be searching for a home. 

Go ahead, experiment with phrases until to find the best ones. Once you have a few exiting ones, please include them in your listing and marketing materials. 


The most significant advantage of an open house is letting prospective buyers see for themselves instead of looking at photos and videos. 

Most of the customers coming to the open house will be from the area. Look at that as a networking opportunity. Even if they don’t buy this house, you know that they are in the market to buy; you will build a list of prospective clients. 


You will already have an email list. If not, start working on creating one. Remember to request folks who came to see the open house for their emails. There are many other ethical ways to get emails. Get on top of it. 

Send out regular newsletters to your email list. Along with that, let them know about your listings. Include the awesome pictures and embed the video, if you like. 


Social media will multiply your reach. Create simple posts letting people know about your listing. It will spread the word. Make sure to request those who see the listing to share with someone they know are in the market. This step will work out to be an effective way to reach the secretive customer.

Using these simple hacks will get your listing noticed, and will help you reach your goal of getting the home sold. Good luck!

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