The Importance of Ethics in Business

Why is ethics in business so important? Ethical business practices ensure that your company is run in a manner that is fair, transparent, and accountable. Furthermore, ethical business practices protect your employees, customers, and shareholders from being taken advantage of.  Ethics in business are essential to ensuring that your company is run in a way […]

Uses of Bamboo

Bamboo has much to offer in our daily lives. Along with its decorative element, it has great potential and many uses, ranging from being consumed as food to using as a writing instrument to the creation of fabrics, even toothpaste, and a bicycle body! Bamboo can be rigid and flexible – thus having endless uses. […]

5 Simple Hacks to Sell More Homes

According to the data from the National Association of Realtors, 5.34 million existing homes and 682,000 newly constructed homes were sold in 2019. Let’s step back and think of how your listing will stand out without being lost among the millions of competitors.  You are ready to list a house to sell, look at the […]

Simply Perfect Copy

I will write headlines to get my readers’ attention. They will be intrigued to read ahead. The first sentence. At that point, they will be caught into reading the second one. They will be hooked.  By the time they finish the first paragraph, they will be panting with their tongues out, wanting to know what […]

10 Simple Secrets to Selling Your House

Introduction You have a house that you want to sell. It could be a home that you have moved from, an investment property that you want to cash out. You want to get top dollar for your property. Who wouldn’t?   There are so many questions going through your mind. You feel your head spinning and […]

Working at Home – Feeling Lonely, You Don’t Have To

You are finally living your dream. Free from the 9-5 rush hour commute. No more scrambling on the train; no more edging into an already packed elevator.  You are at home. You are fortunate to have landed enough work to get by or do even better on your own. You have overcome the fear of […]

What is Affiliate Marketing, An Overview

Online real estate: a huge opportunity As investors, we’re all familiar with investing in real estate. Real estate is a solid investment but the ROI is toward the lower side. In the age of the internet, a new kind of real estate is now available for investors: online real estate. The online real estate is […]

Easy SEO Content

After much deliberation and study, I found that writing SEO is work, albeit, not as hard as we all think it is. Yes, you have to apply yourself and give it time. Here is a blog for easy SEO content. I have developed a template studying Sean Ogle’s course. By the way, he has a […]

Is Cloud Storage for My Business?

Introduction What is cloud storage? Cloud storage is a computing model in which your data and files are stored on remote servers, also known as “cloud.” You access the data through the internet. The service provider is the company who stores your data. The data is stored on multiple servers, often in several locations. The […]